When Is Crown Lengthening Necessary?

Modern dentistry offers many different ways for patients to get the smile they truly want, both in terms of health and appearance.

But some of these procedures may be a bit confusing, especially if you feel your dentist brings them up out of the blue. For instance, they may recommend crown lengthening, a procedure that essentially pushes back the gum tissue to expose more of the tooth and make it appear longer.

But is crown lengthening really necessary? When might you need it?

How Crown Lengthening Works

Crown lengthening is a procedure that reshapes the gums at the base of the tooth to expose more of the tooth’s tissue.

While it sounds alarming, the procedure itself is relatively straightforward and quick, and can be necessary for a variety of dental health concerns:

  • Cosmetic issues - If your teeth are too short or have a “gummy smile” crown lengthening is a great way to enhance your look and give your teeth the appearance you want;
  • Tooth decay - If decay is severe and spreads under the gum line, then crown lengthening may be necessary for your cosmetic dentist in Redondo Beach to properly clean the affected tissues;
  • Tooth fractures or cracks - If the tooth is severely damaged and the crack extends below the gum line, the dentist will need to expose more of the tooth’s natural root in order to properly address it;
  • Getting a dental crown - Dental crowns need a good base to be fixed on. If you have a root canal and the dentist needs to remove a lot of the tooth tissue, crown lengthening could give the dental crown a better base to attach itself to.

What to Expect During Crown Lengthening

Most crown lengthening procedures can be performed in around an hour, and under a local anesthetic to ensure you don’t feel any pain. In some cases, sedation may also be necessary for patients struggling with dental anxiety or certain disabilities.

The periodontist recontours the gums while you are under the anesthetic until they expose enough of the tooth to address either cosmetic concerns or to allow for your other treatments to continue.

After the procedure, you may feel a bit sore, but the symptoms should wear off in just 1-2 days. Your periodontist will recommend some at-home pain management such as over the counter medication or using an ice pack to control swelling.

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