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Patient Comforts & Amenities

At ARTSCI Dental, we take an elevated approach to dental care. Our modern office is curated with you in mind - we designed and outfitted our space for maximum patient comfort. Our goal is to ensure that your entire experience at our office feels seamless and smooth.

Free, Easy Parking

TVs in Operatories

Outdoor Patio

Beverage Station

Paperless Forms

CBCT Machine

Community Outreach

Giving Back to Redondo Beach

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Interview Highlights

Tell us briefly about your educational and occupational background.

Dr. Anthony Nguyen was born and raised in the South Bay. He is excited to announce his return to the South Bay community at his new state of the art practice, ARTSCI Dental—revolutionizing the dental experience one patient at a time. After earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree at the University of Detroit Mercy. He went on to complete his postdoctoral residency at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center where he had advanced training in prosthodontics and surgical techniques. Currently, Dr. Nguyen mentors pre and post doctoral students in minimally invasive restorative techniques and implant dentistry as a faculty at UCLA in the Division of Restorative Dentistry. He also contributes to the success and learning of dentists across the country as a Digital Advisory Board Member for SPEAR education.

Tell us about the new patient experience.

I want to give dental care a face lift, a crafted patient centric experience that is inviting, relaxing, and full of technology. The high open ceilings paired with the glass and wood accents will make you second guess whether or not you’re in a coffee shop. We might even have a cold brew for you as you’re greeted by our friendly team. Upon meeting the amazing staff, they’ll guide you through the process of an exam by taking digital records with the latest digital technology including use of the optical scanner and possible 3D x-rays (if needed). We’ll take a “tour of the mouth” together while we co-diagnosis, collaborate and tailor a unique oral health plan for you.

The patient experience is seamless and starts with a guided process to your paperless records.

What is your approach to dentistry?

The best dentistry is no dentistry. Weird for a dentist to say, right?

I practice minimally invasive dentistry with a Biomimetic approach. The belief that your own tooth structure is the best material for you can have. If one's tooth structure needs to be replaced due to extensive damage due to decay or trauma, it is best replaced with materials that mimics the strength and flexure of your own natural tooth structure. Being able to use modern technology and materials, the biomechanics we can achieve will optimize the longevity, function, and aesthetics of our patients dentition.

Why are you passionate about oral health?What technologically advanced equipment does your office have?

We utilize the latest technology in lasers, digital & 3D radiography, photography, and optical scanning. Leveraging our technology, we’re able to design, simulate and collaborate with our laboratory to ensure high quality and predictable prosthetic and surgical results.

Holistically, your mouth is not separate from the rest of your body. I am passionate about oral health because I believe the mouth is the window to one’s overall health. Afterall, the nourishment we receive begins in the oral cavity. The food we eat is determined by the health of our gums and dentition. It is slowly being uncovered with new research the importance of our oral bacterial flora and overall wellness. There are strong correlations with poor oral health leading to Alzhimiers/dementia and cardiac morbidities. My goal is fo my team to be an oral health coach, trainer, and cheerleader for my patients throughout their life.

What special service do you provide?

Being specially trained in the detection of oral cancers helps me provide swift action and referral for prompt care. In patients who have been diagnosed with head and neck cancers, we offer pre and post consultation and management of dental needs. With new treatment methods and modalities, we are able to work closely with the medical team to treat the most deserving patients. Our office also provides dental clearance for cardiac surgeries including heart transplant and valve replacements.

We also offer BOTOX for TMD/ TMJ therapy, office teeth whitening as well as cosmetic and implant rehabilitation.

What is the top priority of your practice?

I want my patients to feel that they are being cared for in their dental home. I want to be approachable and available to patients for whatever and whenever they are seeking dental help. The ARTSCI team is vetted and hand selected based on their care, compassion and community outreach.

Get to Know Dr. Anthony Nguyen

Compassionate Dentistry in Redondo Beach

When Dr. Nguyen was young, he was interested in two things: skateboarding and dentistry. As it turns out, one of those interests became a fulfilling career. During high school, he became friends with his family dentist, who let him shadow treatment at his office. Eventually, Dr. Nguyen went on to earn his DDS from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. After he graduated Magna Cum Laude, he completed post-graduate training at UCLA School of Dentistry General Practice Residency/Special Patient Care. 
Dr. Nguyen is excited to open his own practice in Redondo Beach, where he can curate an elevated patient experience and deliver quality care in a comfortable environment. 


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